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Graduate program

The Graduate Field of Psychology includes 39 faculty members from departments across the university including Psychology, Human Development, and Neurobiology and Behavior. Only Ph.D. candidates are admitted. The Field does not have an M.A. program. The goal of the Field is to educate students to become researchers, scholars, and teachers who will contribute to the future of psychology as a scientific discipline in academic or other research-oriented settings.

The dominant strengths of the Field lie in three broadly defined areas: behavioral and evolutionary neuroscience; perception, cognition and development; and social/personality psychology. We do not offer training in clinical psychology, counseling, school psychology, community psychology, industrial psychology, or clinical neuropsychology. Applicants with primary interests in these subjects are not admitted.

How to apply to the Cornell Graduate Program in Psychology:

You must apply directly to the Cornell University Graduate School. You may also want to investigate the Cornell Graduate School site for additional information about applying.  Applicants must submit GRE general test scores in addition to transcripts of the undergraduate record, three letters of recommendation, and a personal statement of interests. Applicants are not required to submit scores on the GRE subject test in psychology, or to have had an undergraduate major in psychology. Prior research experience is highly desirable; applicants may submit research reports or work. Persons whose primary interests lie in clinical, counseling, industrial, or school psychology should not apply.

The closing date for applications is December 1, 2017.

Contact Information

Director of Graduate Studies: David J. Field
Graduate Field Secretary: Pamela A. Cunningham
211 Uris Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607-255-3834
Fax: 607-255-8433