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Perception, Cognition, and Development

How do we perceive, learn about, and store information about the environments around us? How does what we have learned affect how we perceive and understand? PCD researchers in the graduate field of psychology at Cornell study human perception, language, and memory, as well as the development of various cognitive functions in infants. The methods they use are diverse, and range from human behavioral experiments in development, perception, and psycholinguistics, through computational modeling and simulation of auditory, visual, and language processes, to human electrophysiology by means of event-related potential (ERP) analysis.


PCD faculty

Name Title Email Room Phone Info
Morten H. Christiansen Professor 228 607-255-3834 Profile
James E. Cutting Professor 274 607-592-1994 Profile
Shimon Edelman Professor 232 Profile
David J. Field Professor 246 607-255-6393 Profile
Michael H. Goldstein Associate Professor 270 607-255-6392 Profile
Katherine D. Kinzler Associate Professor 244  607-255-6436 Profile
Carol L. Krumhansl Professor 214 Profile
Khena M. Swallow Assistant Professor 240 607-255-4387 Profile
Felix J. Thoemmes Assistant Professor 242 607-255-9365 Profile