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Undergraduate Opportunities

Harry Caplan Travel Fellowship – 2108

The College of Arts and Sciences announces two Harry Caplan Travel Fellowships of $4,000 for summer travel to Europe or the North East.  These awards are for juniors who have serious and developed interest in some aspect of the subjects Harry  Caplan Loved. For more information: Harry Caplan Travel Fellowship – 2018-2js0sv8

Application deadline is Friday Nov. 10, 2017                                                                                                                         9/12/17



The University of Wisconsin – Madison is accepting applications to our Learning Sciences PhD program. The program is hosted in the Educational Psychology department, has been repeatedly ranked the Nation’s #1 Educational Psychology program U.S. News and World Report, most recently in the 2018 ranking.

Our program allows students to work closely with Learning Sciences faculty in an apprenticeship-based model. We put a particular emphasis on building and studying learning environments of all kinds, with particular emphasis on learning enhanced by technology such as intelligent tutors, simulations, e-textbooks, educational software, and games . Students study learning in formal and informal environments and use qualitative and quantitative methods to design and evaluate learning in a range of disciplines. As doctoral candidates, students develop and establish research plans that address critical, current research questions that overlap with fields such as cognitive science, educational psychology, computer science, applied linguistics, and anthropology, and sociology. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students complete their required coursework, defend a Major Area Paper, pass preliminary exams, submit a dissertation proposal, and defend a dissertation thesis.

How to apply?

1. Identify one or more faculty you’d like to work with. On our website, you will find the information you need, and also student and faculty contact information.

2. Apply to the graduate school by December 1st here:




Scribe America: ” Being a Scribe is a perfect hob for anyone wanting to pursue a career in medicine. The Jon is not only a tremendous learning experience, but you’re actually making a difference by assisting the doctors to be more efficient so they can focus more on the quality of care for their Patients.

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