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Summer Session 2017

Summer Session 2017

We will be offering an exciting and engaging array of Psychology courses over the Summer Session 2017!

This is a chance for you to catch up on your credits for the major, take that Psychology course that you cannot manage to fit in during the semester, or to take that Psychology course that you were not able to get into during the semester.

Some of these courses are distance learning, meaning you can take them remotely, at your own convenience and on your own schedule.  So, while you are not on campus, you can still take a psychology course.  This summer, the remote (online) courses are listed below.

Note: There are no prerequisites for any of these online courses!

PSYCH 2750: Introduction to Personality

PSYCH 3150: Obesity and the Regulation of Body Weight

PSYCH 3800: Social Cognition

Or, if you will be on campus over the summer, you can take a class in person.  These are the “in-person” classes we will offer this summer on the Cornell campus:

PSYCH 1101: Introduction to Psychology: The Frontiers of Psychological Inquiry

PSYCH 1102: Introduction to Cognitive Science

PSYCH 1280: Personality and Social Psychology: The Individual in the Social World

PSYCH 1500: Introduction to Environmental Psychology

PSYCH 1650: Computing in the Arts

PSYCH 1990: Sports Psychology

PSYCH 2230: Introduction to Biopsychology

To find out more information about Cornell Summer Session, see here.