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Winter Session 2016 -2017

We will be offering exciting and engaging  online courses over the Winter Session 2016 -2017!

This is a chance for you to catch up on your credits for the major, take that Psychology course that you cannot manage to fit in during the semester, or to take that Psychology course that you were not able to get into during the semester.

Some of these courses are distance learning, meaning you can take them remotely, at your own convenience and largely on your own schedule.  So, while you are not on campus, you can still take a psychology course.
This summer, we are offering the following remote
(Online) courses:

Psych 2750: Introduction to Personality: A shared Assumption among personality psychologists is that each person possesses a personality -.i.e, characteristic ways of thinking, feeling and behaving – that uniquely distinguishes him or her from people. Each individual’s personality is the culmination of his or her genetic makeup, biology,  early life experiences, learning and culture.  In this undergraduate-level course, we will review the major theories and research paradigms (e.g. trait, biological, cognitive) of modern-day personality psychology.  The course will emphasize contemporary research, theory and methodology, as well as provide a review of historical accounts that have significantly contributed to current conceptualizations.

Psych 3800: Social Cognition:  What are the causes and consequences of our own and others judgments, feelings, attitudes and behaviors?  This course introduces students to social cognition, which is a research perspective that uses both cognitive and social psychological theories and methodologies to explain such social phenomena.