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Felix J. Thoemmes

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Assistant Professor of Human Development


Contact info

242 Uris Hall

Dept. of Psychology, Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853-7601

PHONE: 607-255-9365

FAX: 607-255-8433

Publications (Google Scholar)

Research interests

Broadly speaking, I work on topics of quantitative methods and design for the social sciences. In particular, I am interested in causal inference, both model-based and design-based. I have done work on the use of propensity scores with clustered data and am currently working with Peter Steiner, University of Wisconsin-Madison on this topic. I have also written an SPSS program that performs propensity score matching.

I am under contract to write a book on applied propensity score analysis in which this software is also going to be presented. The anticipated publication date of the book is sometime in 2015. I am also interested in missing data and the selection of auxiliary variables. Finally, I work on collaborative projects with applied colleagues that span different areas of developmental psychology and education.