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Travel awards and research grants

Each academic year (July 1 – June 30), psychology graduate students may apply for a department travel award and research grant. For the initial round of funding, the application deadline will be April 21, 2017 (this funding round will cover research and travel expenses from July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017).

After that, there will be two opportunities to win a travel award per year (though you can’t win it twice), and one opportunity to win a research grant.  The application deadlines for travel awards will be September 1 and February 1.  The application deadline for research grants will be September 1.

Travel awards are for a maximum of $200.00 and are to be used to help defray conference travel and lodging expenses.  This award may be combined with travel funds from other sources.

Research grants are for a maximum of $500.00.  In addition to completing the application, please ask your advisor to send a 1-page recommendation letter to Pam Cunningham.

Applications will be reviewed by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Executive Committee.  There are limited funds, so these are competitive awards.