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Social and Personality

Faculty members in the Social and Personality area are interested in understanding how people think, feel, and act in real-world social situations. There is a particular interest in how people make sense of the social world around them, as represented by research programs on judgment and decision making, attribution, self-knowledge, affect and emotion, and stereotyping/prejudice. Frequent topics of inquiry include whether people reach accurate or erroneous judgments about themselves and others, how people arrive at their decisions, and how those decisions can be influenced by emotions or factors outside of awareness.


S&P faculty

Name  Title Email Room Phone Info
 Melissa J. Ferguson  Professor  230  607-254-8791 Profile
 Thomas D. Gilovich  Professor  226  607-255-6432 Profile
 Katherine D. Kinzler  Associate Professor  244  607-255-6436 Profile
 Amy R. Krosch  Assistant Professor  250 607-255-6395 Profile
 David A. Pizarro  Associate Professor  234  607-255-3835 Profile
 Harry G. Segal  Senior Lecturer  222  607-255-6434 Profile
 Vivian Zayas  Associate Professor  238  607-254-6332 Profile